Bucket List # 9 - Cosmo gets back in touch with grass


Cosmo has always been a big fan of grass. Two years ago when he gave up his causal lifestyle of San Diego and moved to downtown Los Angeles, he knew he would soon be surrounded by concrete instead. Since then, Cosmo doesn’t get to see grass that often. We all become guilty of becoming busy and not making enough time to enjoy the grass areas downtown. We’ve made the effort to visit more often and enjoy some quality time in the parks, even if they are very small. A few weeks ago, Rob and Janene took Cosmo to Elysian Park (near downtown) to enjoy some quality family time away from the loud buses and downtown craziness. Cosmo had the whole park to himself, running from tree to tree making his marks, again and again. In this photo, Cosmo gets back in touch with grass and sniffs it out. Grass never smelt so good.