Bucket List item # 13 - Visit dog beach in Long Beach


Two weeks ago, Cosmo skipped the day at P&P and went for the beach. Cosmo used to live in Miami, so he used to be a regular. His favorite was to run down the boardwalk and pull his father on roller blades. Then he loved to stop on a dime and drop a deuce. (then I would go flyin past him). But since moving to downtown LA, he doesn’t get the chance to go that often. The drive was pretty fast, less than 30 minutes to Long Beach. Cosmo met up with new friend Thurston (a regular visitor at P&P), then headed for Dog Beach. The day was very clear, there were many dogs out all enjoying the freedom to be off-leash. Cosmo has not seen the beach in several months, so he was very surprised and very excited. He didn’t know what to do first. He wanted to pee on and bark at everything. Thurston’s mom, Lisa and I ate lunch and watched our dudes cruise the beach, while several other dogs came over begging for food. Cosmo enjoyed some quality time in the sand and even made it into the water a few times. He was a bit ambitious and chased for another dog’s toy into the water, then realized, “dude that’s cold and a big wave”, so he stepped back (soaking wet). On the way home, he and Thurston were out like a light. Don’t worry Thurston, I won’t tell anyone who snores really loud.