Bucket List item # 14 - Walk the board walk at Venice Beach


Last week Cosmo crossed off another list item by visiting Venice Beach. He had quite a big day. First, he cruised Abbot Kinney and shopped at some of the stores (including a visit to our friends Lance and Guy at The Modern Dog). Then headed down to the beach and boardwalk. The beach was busy and active as always. The boardwalk had tons of interesting folks and a lot of action. Cosmo saw some birds chowing down on some meat/bones/leftovers and he was so jealous. He did manage to snake in a piece when we were not looking. We didn’t see that many dogs, mostly a sea of characters. He had a very long day and we over estimated his strength. Even though he looked great all day and didn’t slow down, he over did it. Later that night he was extra winded and passed out. He hasn’t been the same since. Later that week, he moved to new medication so we’re hoping he gains some of this strength back. So the lesson here is to enjoy when you can but not to overdo it. We were planning item # 12 – photos, for this weekend but now have to postpone until he gets stronger.