Cosmo Dog – Rest In Peace


Most of you have been following Cosmo’s battle against cancer and his journey to accomplish his Bucket List.Unfortunately, Cosmo’s journey ended this past Sunday on Easter. Cosmo passed peacefully in his bed at home. Unfortunately Cosmo could not finish his List and ended this journey rather suddenly. Just last week, Cosmo was at the beach and very active. His status took a sharp turn as the cancer took the best of him. Cosmo started this list, to motivate everyone to enjoy life “for today” and to encourage us to make our own special memories. For all of us who’ve been lucky enough to experience true unconditional love from our pets, we owe it to our pets to enjoy life and to spend quality time together.

Cosmo has always been full of life and has touched the lives of so many. He’s the reason P&P exists today, so we should all be eternally grateful for his inspiration. Cosmo has become a celebrity in his own right – representing P&P in many photo/video shoots. He has been featured in 944 Magazine, the LA Times, the NY Times, KTLA Morning News and More. He ate the first ceremonial meal at the Pawbar and has hosted our monthly Mutt Mingle events. He will always be remembered and his memories will be cherished.

Cosmo Dog - RIPMarch 16, 1995 – April 13, 2009“Some people say a Bark says a thousand words, I prefer to Bark a thousand times…”- Cosmo Dog, Chief Barking Officer

(Photo - Cosmo patiently awaiting his healthy share of cheese.)