Thank you for your support!


I'd like to personally thank everyone for their amazing support during this time of sorrow. As most of you know, Cosmo, the store mascot, passed away last week. It has been a difficult time, but every day gets a little better because of our amazing fans! Over the past week we've received many cards, emails, and flowers. In the photo, Cosmo's bed is graced with beautiful flowers surrounded by a white picket fence. (Thank you Amy!) Saturday was my first day back at the store since his passing. I thought it would be a very sad and long day. But after seeing all the happy faces from visiting dogs, my spirit was lifted. The excitement and passion of a happy pet can do wonders for the soul.

One of our newest visitors to the store this weekend was a woman who just found out her dog is sick with a serious illness. Now that I’ve been through this difficult experience, I was able to lend some support and provide some insight. We shared a few tears, and I helped her thru some important decisions, including “what to do about the diet?” From what we have learned from holistic practitioners, pets diagnosed with cancer should be switched immediately to fresh prepared meals and avoid all commercial pet foods (even the best ones!). One such food is Pressley & Dean, fresh meals conveniently delivered weekly to P&P. This is what Cosmo ate in his last two months and it made a huge difference in his digestion, strength and activity level. Even on his last day, he had the most perfect poop! I’ll never forget the little Easter egg gifts he left us on his bed. (TMI, gross... but cute).

Dealing with terminal illness is very different for pets than it is for humans. You have some important decisions to make in how you can enjoy your remaining days. If you find you are in a similar situation, please let me know how I can help.