Come Meet Terri – Animal Communicator – Don’t Miss Out!

About 2 months ago, Janene met Terri (the Animal Communicator) at a local trade show. Our house cat Frida was there, at the P&P booth. Terri was so intuitive and helpful for Frida. She knew so many things about Frida (mostly health related) and our other 3 pets at home – without even meeting them or Janene even talking about them. So we had her over to the house for a private session. She spent some time speaking with the pets and helping us answer some important questions. At the time, Cosmo had been recently diagnosed with cancer, so she helped us through some important questions and was very helpful in advising us on his diet and supplements. She’s very knowledgeable on nutrition and holistic treatments. We’re very lucky to have Terri at P&P this Saturday May 2 (for ten 30 minute sessions). Most of the slots are booked but there are 2-3 still available.

Still skeptical? I was too, but I was more than satisfied with my session. She’s very smart and so knowledgeable about pets. She has an amazing intuition and really knows how to communicate with them on another level. I’m booked for a follow up session too. I hope you can make it!

Here’s the link to the full listing on our Events page. Here’s the link to reserve your spot. Visit CALMHEALER.COM for more info on Terri and read Testimonials from Clients