Meet the Greeter – Kori


Most of you have met Lee – one of our talented staff. But have you met Lee’s dog - Kori? Kori is one of our beloved store greeters. Although she’s not the fastest dog on the block, she makes up for it with her gentle demeanor and warm heart. When a customer comes into the store, Kori starts her slow motion style off the couch and makes her way to the door. Although she loves the couch, she loves our customers more!

Kori is a 9 year old Dalmation/Border Colley mix. Her previous owners found her when she was a puppy, tied to a pole in someone’s front yard in Arizona. The family moved here to LA a little over 2 years ago. When their landlord found out they had 5 dogs he asked them to at least get rid of the largest dog. That's when Lee adopted her. She loves attention and people of all age. She likes nothing more than to snuggle up with her 2 dads on the sofa after a long day of napping. She hates exercise, fetch and poop left on the streets.

Kori’s claim to fame - her howl at fire trucks. No matter where she is, if she hears a fire engine siren, she’ll howl to the siren. Since we are downtown and hear sirens often, this has become a special moment in the store. Perhaps Kori was a fire fighter in another life?