Meet the Greeters – Tashi and Delphina


Our newest staff member to P&P is Amy. She has a fascinating history (you’ll just have to come in and ask her yourself!) and brings great energy to the store. Sometimes she brings energy in the front basket of her bike – little Tashi or Delphina. (Yes, Amy rides a cool cruiser to work)

Tashi is a 2 year old Italian Greyhound. She only has 3 legs but she’s super fast around the store. She loves to play with the other dogs that visit the store and is a natural greeter. When she’s tired of hopping, she’s the ultimate lapdog. She loves to cuddle and has no shortage of appetite. She’s a regular at the Pawbar and has no trouble hopping up to get her share.

Tashi is sister to Delphina, who’s also an Italian Greyhound. She will not eat unless she "finds" the food. Delphina has her own language Amy calls "hooting". She's much faster than Tashi (she cheats with 4 legs) and loves to tease Tashi by stealing her treats. She's an expert at finding the low display chew treats and making her mom pay for them. At least she gets the employee discount!

Photo – Tashi and Delphina trading over chew treats in the P&P lounge.