Kogi BBQ returns to P&P during June Art Walk


If you missed it last time (April Art Walk), then you don't want to miss this one! In April, the famous Kogi BBQ truck visited P&P and parked right out front on Main St. For over 4 hours, hundreds of people lined up for the amazing taste of Korean BBQ. Despite the long line, everyone enjoyed the anticipation and atmosphere. Of course, everyone was rewarded when they got their food and tasted the Kogi menu. Read the posting from April:

On June 11, Kogi returns so you don't want to miss it. Get there early. It starts at 7 pm. It's better to wait at the front of the line then then the back of the line.

In honor of Cosmo's passing, the chef will prepare a special menu item called, “The Cosmo Dog”. This is the best hot dog I've ever tasted - seriously! Pork Belly, Bacon, Onion, Miso-mayo - love that miso-mayo!

Kogi is dog friendly! Bring your pooch to experience Kogi and we'll reward your pooch with a FREE MEAL at the PAWBAR. P&P will have our friendly staff out on Main Street to hand out the free meal tickets.

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