New Dog Run area in Pershing Square


Last week, Pershing Square (located at 6th and Hill – Just 3 blocks away from P&P) unveiled a new Dog Run area for downtown dogs to do their business. This new dog run area is still a temporary area as they continue to build out a more permanent and prominent area for the dogs. Although there is no grass, the space is actually very big. There’s plenty of seating too. Two important notes: 1) There are bushes and trees in the dog run area, but they are technically not part of the pee area. Look for the signs for the designated area. The large trees in the photo are fair game - aim away. 2) Dogs must remain on-leash. There are not walls/fences on all sides, so dogs must remain on leash for their safety.

One of the goals of this area, is to decrease the dog’s usage of the large grass area. Dogs are still allowed to be on the grass, but they are encouraged to do their business in the designated areas first, then proceed to the grass area for other social time. Pershing Square is very active during the summer with concerts and fairs. The goal is to keep the lawn as clean as possible so everyone is more comfortable sitting on the lawn during these events. No one wants to sit in pee or poop, so let’s do our part to keep that area clean.

Downtowners have been asking for more dog areas, so now that we have one, let’s use it! Let’s show the City that we appreciate it so they will build it better and give us more areas around town.

Here’s a recap of the unveiling, by Ed Fuentes: Palm Court Renovations Unveiled As Part of Pershing Square Neighbor Weekend