Food Photo WINNER - The results are in!


The Cat & Rat Foundue combo took the lead with over 100+ of your votes! Harry and Archie (and their chihuahua siblings Kikki & Dirk, not pictured) will be eating well this year! What a photo composition for this unlikely pair. It had many people wondering if the rat was really real... but we confirmed it! Proud pet mama Melanie has a penchant for hairless creatures. Harry & Archie were both rescues from The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas. Her special pack of pets reportedly all get along well and play together. Although P&P can't promise any tasty food for the rat, we can promise plenty of tasty, all-natural food and treats for the pooches and this pussy! Congrats from all of us @ P&P! ... and a special thank you to all who submitted your photos this year!

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