Have You Seen This??!

Now if you're a regular client at the store, then you probably would not have seen this, but I was doing some market research on the benefits of grain-free, holistic and organic diets for pets, and stumbled across our 'good friend'- Petco's new Certified Nutrition Checklist  

I want to bring this to light NOT to try and slam our competitors, but more so to point out this utterly confusing 'guide to proper nutrition'.  The checklist is split into 3 categories: Essential, Advanced and Natural Nutrition (which are just a bunch of nice adjectives to make consumers believe they're making a better decision).  I had to take a few looks just to try and wrap my head around whatever logic was present whenever this spreadsheet was put together, but how do you NOT look at that, and say... 'hmmm, something's a lil' off'. 

I don't know - Maybe I'm reading too much into this... Maybe I'm biased or have a skewed point of view, but you be the judge... Is this confusing or what?!



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