Product Spotlight - the SUPER Exclusive 'PEACOCK' Buddy Belt.

The Buddy Belt is one of our popular products in the store (and now online)!  Hundreds of dogs (and owners) from coast to coast can't seem to get enough of these one of a kind harnesses!  We've been carrying this amazing brand of harnesses since the store opened, over 3 years ago.  

Every once-in-a-whie, Buddy Belt has different colorways that are released, and because the company is relatively small, those special colorways aren't mass produced.  We were fortunate to receive an EXTREMELY rare color - PEACOCK!  This particular color is so exclusive that it can ONLY be found in our two locations and won't be produced anymore!  We are down to a very select few, so stop in and get yours before they're gone... FOREVER!!!

(The other limited colors depicted are: Lava, 'Snakey', Blue Patent-leather, and Root Beer)