Exciting New Features!

We at P&P take great honor and pride in our services and products.  One of our focuses right now is being able to further connect with our clients (outside of the stores).  We all have questions now and then, and sometimes having a little more information can bring you a bit closer to an answer, and ultimately, get you closer to what your pet needs!

We'll be starting up a couple featured blog series called: Product Spotlight and Did You Know.

In the PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT blog series, we will showcase special products that are either popular, limited, or can only be found in our stores.  These products are usually in our stores once, and then they are no-more, so be sure to be on the lookout for the 'PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT' blogs!  (hint - tomorrow morning!!!)

With the 'DID YOU KNOW' blog series, we will highlight questions/comments/concerns that clients bring to us on a regular basis.  The point of this blog is to provide options and answers that you can research on your own time!

With these new tools set in place, we're pretty excited to be providing you with more resources to help make you AND your pet's life even MORE enjoyable!  Consider us your one-stop-shop, physically, and now - virtually!