Product Spotlight: Wire&Dine and Smorgasboard Feeders.

Normally, I wouldn't post a new Product Spotlight this quickly, but when I found out about these new hot products, I had to leak a LITTLE info...

We are pretty excited about this new product - SO excited that we wanna let you know about em' BEFORE they hit our stores.  The company is Docapet.  Designer Luke Wong, based out of Chicago, IL, has provided P&P with MANY of our clients' favorite feeders for their pets.  

Known for their sturdy frames and sleek, modern design, these feeders rarely stay on our shelves, so we're giving you the heads up on a couple styles that will be in stores and online at the beginning of this week!  The two SEXY new feeders we are proud to bring to our stores are the Wire&Dine and the Smorgasboard feeders.

Needless to say, these products WON'T be around for long so stop in the store, or check em' out online - and remember, they'll be available at the beginning of this coming week (3/28 or 3/29), so DEFINITELY be on the look out!!!