Launching of Twitter Tuesday Sales!!!

If you've been into the LA store recently, you know that I've been talking about sale events that we're going to be launching via our social networks.  Well, its official now - starting next Tuesday, we will be having our 1st TWITTER TUESDAY sale!!  Those of you who follow us on Twitter - @pussyandpooch, will receive tweets throughout the day in regards to the specific sale for that Tuesday. 

In order to take part of these sales, you MUST follow us on Twitter, provide us with your Twitter name and the promotional code given the day of the sale.  That's it!  The sale amount and product(s) will change EVERY week and only those of you who follow us on Twitter will be able to benefit from the sales!

So if I were YOU, I'd start following us on Twitter... what're you waiting for?? All the cool kids are doing it!  Ha! 

**(sometimes the sale will be in-store only, and sometimes online or BOTH - you have to follow and pay attention to be sure!!)