Did You Know: Controling Excess Shedding.

We ALL love our little furry companions.  They provide us with a sense of responsibility, worth and appreciation without ever saying a word - its crazy how these 4-legged creatures make such heavy impacts in our lives, and for that, we do our best to keep them happy and healthy!

Now as much as we adore our pets, there are some aspects of being a pet owner that aren't ALWAYS the most fun and we aren't quite sure what to do or how to handle it.  One of the most common issues that our clients and many owners encounter is their pets' shedding.  It is a problem that is often times 'swept under the rug', but it's something that can be easily controlled with the proper care and maintenance!

First things first - brush and get rid of as MUCH loose hair and mats that may have formed over time.  Doing this in-between grooming visits will keep your pets coat THAT much healthier, not to mention get him/her more comfortable with being groomed (not always our pets' favorite experience).  Depending on your pet's hair length will determine how often you should brushout their coat.  Next step is to use a shampoo and conditioner that best fits your pet's needs.  Using a basic shampoo/conditioner combo from Aroma Paws can be a quick and easy shampoo solution - an all natural, CHEMICAL FREE shampoo with all the key ingredients that keep your pets coat shiny, smooth and healthy.  For those of you with more complex shedding problems, Isle of Dog offers a variety of veterinary grade shampoos that are terrific for moisturizing the skin, strengthening the coat and ultimately reducing shedding!  Also, choosing the right conditioner can be beneficial because very similar to human hair, using a good conditioner can keep the hair soft and smelling fresh, strengthen the folicles and moisturize the skin. 

So, now you've brushed, shampoo'd and conditioned your pet, now its time to dry em off!  Using high powered blow dryers can be the difference between night and day when it comes to shedding!  You can give this a try in our Bathhouse with our Self-Service option, or either of our Full Service packages.  Using higher powered dryers can eliminate anywhere from 75-80% of excess hair and dead skin!!! (WHOA.)  Taking the time to completely blow dry your pet may be tedious, but can save you lots of excess 'hair tumbleweeds' in your home.  Lastly, give your pet one last brush to catch any of the remaining loose hairs.

That should do it!  Continue to brush in-between grooming visits to keep the coat healthy and further acclaimate your pet to the grooming process.  Try to make it a fun experience for you and your pet!  For more grooming products and tips, check out our Online Store or feel free to talk to our Pet Experts and groomers at either locations!

Good luck and be on the lookout for the next - DID YOU KNOW!

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