Product Spotlight: Acana Ranchlands

If you purchase your pet's food from us then I'm sure you've heard our Pet Experts talking about the benefits of a grain-free diet for your pet!  One of the great grain-free options that we offer at Pussy and Pooch comes from the Champion Pet Foods line - Acana.  We've been fortunate enough to carry Acana's Pacifica (great natural source of EPA, DHA, and Omega-3's - good for coat restoration), Wild Prairie, and Grasslands.  As of yesterday, we at P&P are proud to carry their new 'meatier' formula - Acana 'Ranchlands'. 

The new Ranchlands formula is a lower protein option for your pet.  For those of you who feed Orijen Red Meat (FYI- Acana and Orijen are both products from the Champion Pet Foods company), and feel that it may be too rich for your pet, but don't want to switch your food too much - try the Ranchlands - same company, very similar ingredients and STILL grain free!

Stop in and ask one of our Pet Experts a bit more about Acana Ranchlands - look forward to seeing you and your pet!

(We will have this food available on our Online Store VERY soon!)

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