Scoop the Poop Week - 15% off Select Products!

Well, I'm a little late on this post, but if you've been in the store lately, you've probably noticed some subtle aesthetic changes to the store - we've gone GREEN!  With the month of April typically known as the 'Go Green' month, we are displaying some of our eco-friendly and recyclable products, like the Orbee-Tuff Ball, or the fast drying Slobber-Wick Bone.  We've dedicated these first few days in April to one of our favorite duties as pet owners - Scooping the Poop! 

Going until April 10th, all of our 'poop-related' products will be 15% off!  Poop bags and containers, all PetaPotty items (excluding the live sod), biodegradable/eco-friendly pee pads, and eco-friendly cat litters such as Feline Pine and Green Tea Leaves will be on sale!  Many of you have already taken advantage of this promotion, but if you didn't know, NOW YA KNOW!!!

Who likes having to dodge piles of poo, or even worse - actually stepping in crap!  Its a sign of respect to your neighborhood and our job as responsible owners to pick up after our pets... takes a few seconds, and having a nice little Bon Ton attachment for your leash makes it THAT much more convenient!  Lets keep our neighborhoods clean - every little bit helps!