Product Spotlight - Kittypod: Dome.

This week (and the remainder of this month) we will be focusing on our Eco-Friendly products.  We are proud to carry a variety of earth-friendly products, ranging from big comfy beds to biodegradable poop bags, but the product I'd like to bring to your attention is a new addition from the California based cat furniture company - Kittypod.  Designer, Elizabeth Paige Smith has provided cat lovers with practical, yet contemporary/modern infused furniture and accessories for their furry felines since 1998. 

Recently, Smith released the DOME, from the Kittypod line!  I decided to feature this product because of its sleek design, affordable price, and versatility.  Whether they just want to hang out, and peek from the stylish cat shaped entryway, or relieve some stress on the 1.25" thick scratcher, located on the floor of the dome, your cat will be thoroughly entertained with this beautiful product!

Currently, the Kittypod Dome is one of the big features in our 'Go Green' display at both our Los Angeles and Long Beach locations.  Stock is low on this hot new scratcher and with its design, affordable price and overall popularity gaining each day, we're expecting to be out of this particular Kittypod product VERY soon.  (It's so exclusive that we don't feature it online - it's an 'in-store' item only.)

So get in the store and see what all the fuss is about with this cool new product before its gone - and while you're in, check out all the other awesome Eco-Friendly products during our 'Go-Green' month!