Thinking of You, Mom...

With Mother's Day on the way, we'd like to take the time to say thanks to those wonderful ladies who brought us into this world.  Although they should get a bit more recognition for ALL they do, this Mother's Day, we'd like to share with you a bit about why OUR moms are amazing.  

Feel free to post a story or even a couple sentences that you'd like to share about your mother!  Here's a few stories from employees here at P&P.  Happy Mother's Day to all!

(cue the Boyz II Men- Mama song)

Kristie Lee Stroder.

(James Stroder)

My mother was amazing and beautiful in every way possible. She lived life to the fullest and even passed away with grace. I think of her everyday and thank her for the love of animals that she placed in me.

Thank you mom. I love you.

Laura Berman.

(Sarah Berman)

I love my mom! Plain and simple. She is the best. From day one she would rock me back and forth in her rocking chair and say, "Sarah when you grow up, you will be kind and thoughtful, a good person, and will always LOVE animals." I guess it worked, because here I am at a job that I love and helping animals achieve happiness everyday! Thanks mom for being #1!!!


Sarah Berman.

(Marley Berman aka Marles Barkley)

Mom. Mom. Mom. You are my favorite! Thank you for feeding me my favorite raw food because I'm fussy and have special needs. Bringing me to work everyday is tail wagging good time. Thank you for letting me sleep on your head every night and always going out of your way and beyond to make sure I stay a spoiled, furry, diva! I will follow you wherever you go and I lov---SQUIRELL!!!!!

Rosemary Saylor.

(Kristina Saylor)

The reason that I have the BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is because she always went the extra mile to make my brothers and I feel special and still does to this day! She would get up extra early every morning to not only pack my school lunch but to also draw a cute and very detailed picture on the bag. I LOVE YOU MOM! happy mothers day.

Joyce G.

(Meghan G.)

My mom is everything I could have ever asked for and more. She's been supportive of every decision I've ever made, and I can always count on her for good advice. My family lives in Michigan, and while I miss them terribly, it's nice to know that my mom is always only a phone call away. I call her all the time and she's always there for me -- whether I'm stressed out, excited, homesick, or bored. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

(Janene Zakrajsek)

My Mom's strength, courage, and generosity are amazing traits that I have inherited which have driven my ability to succeed. Though my mother and I are very different women, I am forever grateful for the sacrifices that she made so that I had the opportunity to live my life with passion and purpose. Thanks Mom!