Product Spotlight: The Limited Buddies (Buddy Belt)

So... we just got these HOT new Buddy Belts and I'd be a JERK if I didn't make this the next Product Spotlight!  I'm not going to give too much information about these new harness, because I feel they speak for themselves.  The new colors are: Darth Gator (textured/raised leather print), Hot Pink (solid/smooth classic leather), Blue Bayou (glossy/smooth blue-hued leather) and 2 new Luxury Harnesses, Pearl (smooth/smokey leather finish) and Dogzilla (glossy assorted green leather finish). 

The only info you need to know is that the Darth Gator color can ONLY be found at Pussy & Pooch (no where else), and there were only 100 Dogzilla harnesses made... we have 21 of them!  It's the same quality and care you've grown to love with our awesome Canadian friends at Buddy Belt- just now available (while they last) in these cool new colors!

You're DEFINITELY gonna want to stop in and check out these new harnesses from our friends at Buddy Belt!  Don't be the one saying, 'I should've got one of those while they were still in stock'... Stop in now while they're still around!

(depicted below are the 'Hot Pink' and 'Darth Gator' colors)