Flea Medication Price Drop!!!

Spring is in full force!  Days are getting longer and warmer (despite the last couple days)... it's my favorite time of the year!  Baseball season starts up, the NBA finally starts playing REAL basketball during the playoffs (RIP Lakers '11, go Bulls!) and there's always that smell of fresh cut grass that seeps into your window on early mornings - Spring time gives me an awesome feeling!  There always seems to be a sense of rebirth and rejuvination in the air, but for some, its not as picture-esque.  For many, the fresh spring air brings not only warmer breezes but also rises in pollen count- allergy season ATTACKS!!

Just as this season can be a time filled w/ kleenex, itchy eyes, and sneezes - this can also be an itchy time for our furry friends.  Flea season is DEFINITELY upon us, and we want to help you and your pets out during these uncomfortable times - for the next 6 weeks, we will be lowering the price of our flea medication, Frontline, to a flat fee of $45.00 (for ALL sizes)!!! 

Now wait... there's more!  If we can raise our number of fans on Facebook to 1750 by June 20th, we will keep the price of Frontline at $45.00 for the duration of the year - so get on Facebook, and spread the word!