Remembering Frida | Rest in Peace

Many of you have had the pleasure to meet Frida, one of P&P’s most visible and vocal feline Mascots. Rescued in February 2008 at roughly eight years of age, she went from a dirty, overweight, deaf and toothless street cat to design-savvy, lofty diva and P&P media darling. Most recently Frida was spotted in-stores as our resident hostess of the Meow Mingle. Sadly, the weekend before Mother’s Day Frida was unexpectedly diagnosed with several untreatable masses affecting her abdomen and our journey together ended abruptly. Truly a very special diamond in the rough, Frida touched our lives in so many exceptional ways. Finding pleasure in leather handbags and shoes, defying the presence of dogs, singing to entertain herself – Surely the best three years of her life ended with a certain grace not unlike the way we shared our pillow with her every night.

Frida has become a celebrity in her own right – representing P&P in many photo/video shoots. She has been featured on Good Morning America, KTLA Morning News, HGTV, and More. She feasted on many special Shark Plate meals at the Pawbar, and gave her purr of approval on many a store window design and modern cat furniture. She will forever be remembered.

Here's an album of our favorite photos of Frida

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