Bigger Buddy Belt Sizes (In the Darth Gator!)

As a guy who is REALLY big into limited/exclusive sales (whether it be sneakers, clothes, DVD's, or other collectors items), I always like to get my hands on rare finds.  Speaking from experience with sneakers, whenever it comes to a 'limited' (or just a cool) pair of sneakers, my size is rarely available, so I end up having to go online and special order what I desire (which typically takes much longer and can be a VERY frustrating process).

Luckily, our friends at Buddy Belts knew some of the 'pains' that I've gone through.  Just recently, they released a few new colors - some of which are exclusive to our store!  Unfortunately, those colors were only available in sizes 2-6... until now.  Our new limited color - 'Darth Gator' will be available in sizes 7, 8, 9 and even a 10!

I've been meaning to post this for a few days now - especially because since Balou wears a Size 7 (I've got my eyes on it already, so if your pooch wears a 7, you're gonna have to dance battle with me to see who wins the Size 7 - kidding... or am I????).

So in short - Buddy Belts is providing us with larger sizes (7-10) in the 'Darth Gator' color - I can promise you, there won't be many made, so once they're gone... they're gone!  And once again, you can only find em' at our store, so stop by - looking forward to seeing you!