Meow Mingle w/ Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin of Moderncat.

I wasn't sure what to expect w/ this month's Meow Mingle.  Typically, our mingles (both Mutt and Meow) are a light but festive crowd, but this particular mingle was special... We were privileged to have the founder of Vox FelinaModerncat editor and founder, Kate Benjamin and the host of Animal Planet's new hit show, 'My Cat From Hell' - Jackson Galaxy, as special guests!  

It was my day off, so as I mentioned before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but we sure did our best to let everyone know that this was a very special Meow Mingle... along with our special guests, it was a celebration of the life of our fallen feline friend - Frida.  

So as I walked up and saw the main floor flooded with people and dozens of cats littered throughout the store, I was surprised, yet thoroughly pleased and excited to meet and greet!  There were cats in backpacks, harnesses, carriers, bags and slings; jumping on fixtures, hiding in corners, climbing through the Meat Market (food area)  and turning perfectly folded shirts and hoodies into their own personal beds... there were cats EVERYWHERE!  

The gregarious nature of the kitties in attendance was infectious, because I noticed everyone was moving throughout the store, picking Kate and Jackson's brains for tips with their cats, and sharing stories amongst each other about their purrrrr-fect pussies!  

Now somehow, I got sucked behind the Pawbar, and tapped into my old bartender skills, as I started making a few of the signature drinks of the night - the White Lion.  It wasn't all that bad being the bartender, because I was conveniently stationed next to ALL the delicious snacks from Big Man Bakes and Bottega Louie - yum!

I think it was safe to say this was one of the best mingles in P&P history! Everyone in attendance had the chance to enter a raffle for amazing prizes from Moderncat!  But if you weren't lucky enough to win one, everyone received a complimentary gift bag, filled with delicious treats from Ziwi Peak and Zukes, nail trim coupons, and food samples from Tiki CatBefore Grain (BG), and Honest Kitchen.  

If you weren't able to make it to this mingle, I'm not gonna lie - you kinda missed out, but not to worry - there WILL be another coming VERY soon!  Be sure to check out the photos from Bark Pet Photography!  Special thanks to Kate, Jackson, Vox Felina, and all our amazing clients who helped make this celebration of Frida's life, a HUGE success - I'm sure she wouldn't have had it any other way!  Hope to see you at the next mingle!

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