Product Spotlight - Diamond Dogs Collar

What can I say about these collars that they don't say for themselves - wow!  We just got a new shipment of these collars last week, and they've been a HUGE hit since we put them on display!  Based in Europe and made from high quality English Bridle leather, Diamond Dogs has over thirty years of handcrafting AMAZING collars, leads, coats, tassels and belt accessories.  These beautiful collars have serviced awesome clientele - U2, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Hugo Boss and even the Royal English Family, along with being seen in magazines such as Vogue, European runway shows, and on stage in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber musical productions.   Because of the superb quality of leather used in every collar, they may feel a bit firm at first, but after a little bit of wear, this leather becomes very soft, while keeping its strength and integrity for years to come!  

The one thing I have yet to mention about these eye-catching collars is the 'bling factor'.  Yup!  In case the high quality leather wasn't enough for you and your pooch, just set your eyes on a few of the Swarovski Crystal studded collars!  The clarity and colors in these crystals will DEFINITELY turn heads and stop traffic the next time you hit the streets!  It's important to know that these ARE luxury collars, and probably shouldn't be worn EVERY day - just as you wouldn't wear your best dress/sneakers/stilettos (whatever your aesthetic guilty pleasure) all the time.  Diamond Dogs will be a very high quality addition to your pooch's arsenal of collars, and with the proper care, can give you years of durability, compliments and 'ooohs and ahhhs'!

It takes a few weeks for us to get shipments of this particular product because it comes from overseas, so come pick out your favorite... I've got my eyes on a couple of em' already ;-)  We've already sold 5 of these collars, and they haven't even been in the store for an entire week!  You're definitely gonna want to check out these new collars before they're gone!    They are the bee's knees!