Product Spotlight - Palm Springs Lounge

Within the time I've worked at Pussy and Pooch, I've met hundreds of customers, eager to pamper their pets with the most stylish accessories, and healthiest of treats and food.  Ever so often, I'll meet a customer who, at first glance, thinks our store is geared more towards the pooches, but we love pussies just the same!!  

Yes, there are a variety of eye-catching products on the market that appeal a bit more towards the canine persuasion, but we are doing everything we can as a company and advocates of love and appreciation towards ALL pets, to bring you 'one-of-a-kind' products that both you and your pets can enjoy!

Thanks to Kate Benjamin, we are PROUD to add a very exclusive new product for cats!  Coming from the Moderncat Studio, is the mid-century inspired - Palm Spring Lounge!  Constructed with a glossy white powder coated steel frame, and two levels built with birch plywood, this modern cat bed is the PERFECT addition for any modern interior!  With four adjustable feet, and 3" cushions, this Palm Springs Lounge is both comfortable and conventional!  

This EXTREMELY rare product was personally delivered to us from Kate, at the Meow Mingle this past month.  In case you missed the Meow Mingle at our LA location, here's a little of what you missed... 

As mentioned before, this product is NOT an easy find, so if you're looking to give your feline friend a beautiful new hang out spot, stop by and see what all the fuss is about!