Product Spotlight - Thundershirt

With the summer holidays fast approaching, there's a strong possibility you might be out on vacation, traveling, or just hitting a rooftop barbecue pool party - either way, you're leaving your pet alone for a bit, or traveling with them.  This tends to be a more stressful time for our pets, but no need to fear - 


is here!  

Thundershirt is a


 effective, new product to help curb your dog's anxiety now available at both stores.

The patented design is what makes this product awesome!  This gentle jacket-like shirt applies constant pressure, which has been proven to create a natural calming effect on your pooch's nervous system. Veterinarian approved, the Thundershirt has shown tremendous improvement in over 80% of dogs that have tried the product.  Whether you're treating different types of anxiety, barking, fear, hyperactivity, or kenneling/crating issues, the Thundershirt can be a positive solution to address any anxiety issues. 

Personally, I've tried many different 'remedies' in the past to try and address the 'anxious dog'... as caring pet owners despite great lengths we go to make them feel at home, some of our furry friends are still a bit 'jumpy', or nervous... over-excited, if you will. There's training courses, toys, treats and (for male dogs) neutering options, all in the hopes that they will ultimately 'calm down' a bit.  Sometimes we get the results we're looking for, but sometimes all those options aren't enough. The Thundershirt is an easy-to-use miracle solution recommended by 'thousands of Vets and Trainers' and a solution P&P highly recommends for you- stop in to learn more! 

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