Product Spotlight - Raw and Steve's Real Food

Arguably feeding frozen raw pet food is the best thing I can feed my dogs. Most people will agree with that but a lot of you don’t feed it because of cost and convenience.

Yes, it cost more than regular kibble but you pay more for quality.  A nice piece of quality chicken at Trader Joe’s cost more than a 99 cent chicken sandwich from a fast food joint.  Why?  Because of the quality!  Yes, it takes some effort because with most Raw there is some sort of preparation involved…. Think of the same scenario I just gave you. The Trader Joe’s chicken you have to cook yourself.  It takes a little more work but it’s because you want something better for you and better tasting. It’s the same with raw food and raw alternative foods.

Knowing these hurdles when it comes to raw food we took a good look at what was out there. We feel like we already have some of the best raw options but there was still something missing and that was how I ran across Steve's Real Food.  Steve’s has a lot of great things going for them but these 2 things really stood out.

First, Steve’s food is smaller than most raw brands so it doesn’t have to be thawed! You heard that right, the food can go from freezer to bowl.  You can feed it exactly like you feed your kibble and second, the price is good.  It comes in 5lb bags that sell for only a few bucks more than a high quality kibble.  With the price lower and the ability to easily fed with no preparation or thawing it makes for a great way to incorporate Raw into your pet’s rotation of food.

If you don’t know much about raw food come in and ask to get a rundown of what the benefits can be for you and your pet.  Our Pet Experts can walk you through all the brands and try to help you find out what makes sense for your situation.  If you know about Raw but haven’t taken the plunge maybe Steve’s is exactly what you’re looking for...