Product Spotlight - Interactive Toys

As a proud new Cat Daddy, I think my little guy, Kit, is the coolest thing since sliced bread!  Because he’s still young, I decided I wanted to challenge him w/ some training exercises, like how to come, sit, and fetch.  With a few tasty Whole Life Chicken treats, we made some major progress!  The time spent working on these tricks made our bond even stronger, while really challenging his physical ability and stimulating his brain.  Since he was learning so fast, I didn’t want him to plateau, but was running out of ideas to push him further…

Luckily, Nina Ottosson has provided a series of products for our furry companions that could give that same mental stimulation while continuing to build the bond between you and your pet!  Ottosson combined the concept of the classic dog toy with a bit of a 'challenging' aspect, giving your dog OR cat a toy that is both interactive and rewarding!  With toys like the DogTrubble and DogSpinny, your pet will be both challenged and rewarded with treats and love!  The toys can be set to different levels of difficulty to please all ages, breeds and learning levels, which is an added bonus! 

When it comes to training, challenges and overall brain stimulation, working with these toys is equivalent to a nice long 30 minute walk with your pet, and with a variety of both dog and cat interactive toys to choose from, finding the right toy/challenge is now easier!  This is a terrific chance to further build the bond between you and your four-legged friend.  To learn more about why these toys are so awesome, stop by either of our locations and ask a Pet Expert for a demo to help determine which of these interactive toys is best for you and your pet!