Keys to Thriving - National Pet Wellness Month

October is a very busy and celebratory pet-centric month from holidays and special events, to fundraisers and super adopt-a-thons. National Pet Wellness Month is an important annual event among them that promotes year-round pet wellness and owner education focused on wellness examinations, disease prevention, and pet health issues. Notably since October 12th is also National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, it’s worth sharing that the fourth annual Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) research found approximately 53% of cats and 55% of dogs were overweight or obese. Startling stats because the reality is our pets cannot care for themselves, and rely solely on their animal guardians to make appropriate, informed, and healthy choices for them.

P&P fully supports the holistic notion that disease prevention and weight management in animals (and humans too!) are the result of a healthy lifestyle. Our health is NOT the absence of disease, rather it IS a state of well being in which the body is vital, balanced & adaptive to its environment. The difference in Thriving vs Surviving – which would you rather?

Rob and I lost our Himalayan cat Bailey in 2007 at age 11 to Kidney Disease, and our mascot dog Cosmo in 2009 at age 14 to Cancer. We have learned through our tragic personal pet owner experiences the important role quality nutrition plays in our pets’ lives and have become zealous advocates of consumer knowledge and awareness toward pet health and wellness for all animals, including yours! As the founders of P&P, we take our commitment toward and leadership role in the pet community seriously, and as such through ongoing product knowledge training enable each of our in-store Pet Experts to likewise guide you through the myriad of pet products and services to enhance your pet’s wellness.

P&P recommends a Five to Thrive approach to your dog and cat’s wellness:

1 Diet

2 Exercise

3 Supplements

4 Grooming

5 Dental Health 

Each of the 5 keys to wellness is an opportunity for you as an animal guardian to help ensure your pet stay well and to live a long, happy life. Feed a natural, healthy diet supplemented to create balance; engage in 30 minutes of daily play and exercise to manage mind and body; groom regularly to enhance healthy skin and coat; clean teeth and gums regularly to prevent disease. Be well!

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