National Feral Cat Day

Did you know, October 16th isNational Feral Cat Day?  Ten years ago, the Alley Cat Allies launched National Feral Cat Day “to raise awareness about feral cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)programs, and recognize the millions of Americans who love and care for them.” What do you really know about the HUNDREDS of cats born on the streets EVERY WEEK just in the city of Los Angeles alone? A single pair of breeding cats can create more than 200,000 more homeless cats in just a few years. This is a very complex issue facing communities nationwide. We at Pussy and Pooch want to help raise further awareness about feral cats by supporting TNR programs, hosting cat adoptions, and advocating for animal wellness (October is also National Pet Wellness Month!)

TNR programs help to reduce the overpopulation issue by humanely trapping free-roaming cats, getting them sterilized, and then safely releasing them back into their same location.  Many organizations, including Disneyland, find harmony with its feral cat population through such programs.

The Feral Cat… Generally a once domesticated cat now living in the wild, or on streets, the feral cat fends for itself.  Because of this, they tend to lack proper nutrition and vaccinations, which in turn bring many health issues. Loving the Feral Cat… Feral cats have shown the ability to be tamed with patience and love. I know this first hand, as I am the proud owner of a former feral cat, Eleanor Rigby! She may not have been able to survive without having been rescued because of her health concerns and poor nutrition.  Now she is thriving on a quality diet, has regular veterinarian check-ups and vaccinations, and by taking these actions, she has become a very happy, healthy, and active kitty.  How to help the Feral Cat… There are many ways to get involved with feral cats including adopting kittens through one of our events with local rescues like Kitten Rescue and Kitty Bungalow, and by supporting TNR programs in your community. For more information about upcoming cat adoption events check out our Events page.

Learn more about this complex issue and how you can help from our friends at the Stray Cat AllianceFix Nation, and Vox Felina.