Happy (National) Cat Day – MEOW!

Oct 29th is National Cat Day and what better time to celebrate the beauty and mystery our feline friends then pre-Halloween with a tribute to Black Cats and our very own MasCAT Harper.

Considered to be both good luck and bad, the superstition of the Black Cat varies by culture. We happen to think they are pretty amazing. Have you met Harper? Not to be missed with her sleek fur and orange eyes, she’s every bit rock star chic with her funky full-body mo-hawk and crystal-spiked collar. You can meet her most days in our DTLA store. When she isn’t stealing treats herself, she can be seen carefully observing everyday operations. Originally a stray, Harper found her way into P&P this summer and made herself right at home. Her human sidekick is Brandon our Store Manager.

Did you know that Black Cats have the lowest adoption rates? If you think Black Cats get a bad rap, click here to learn the Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat, and where to support Kitten Rescue’s A Black Cat Affair Saturday, November 5th.

Do you have a Black Cat? Share a photo of your cat and tell us why you love them! How will you celebrate National Cat Day?