Pet Safe Halloween Tips

What may be fun and festive for us on Halloween can create anxiety and be dangerous for some pets. Loud parties, ringing doorbells, and plenty of strangers are just a few of the things that can trigger an emotional response from pets.

Ensure a happy and safe Halloween; please keep in mind the following Pet Safety Tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

  • Don't leave your pet outside unattended on Halloween (or on the days preceding or following this holiday). Halloween pranks committed against pets can be vicious, and black cats are particularly at risk.
  • Halloween treats are for people, not pets. Candy wrappers and lollipop sticks can be hazardous if swallowed and chocolate can be poisonous for some types of pets.
  • Keep pumpkins out of reach of curious noses and paws. Pets may knock over a lit pumpkin and cause a fire.
  • If you do dress your pet in costume, be sure that its costume doesn't interfere with the pet's ability to breathe, see, hear, move, or bark.
  • Consider keeping your pet in a separate room, away from the door, when trick-or-treaters arrive. Strange people in even stranger clothes can frighten some pets.
  • When you do answer the door for visitors, make sure that your pet doesn't suddenly head for the great outdoors. In case your pet does escape, make sure that it is wearing proper identification. Pets with identification are much more likely to be returned to their owners.

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Happy HOWL-o-WEEN!

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