National Senior Pet Month

It’s sad to say but, we usually outlive our pets, so we really need to appreciate all the time that can be shared together – especially with older dogs and cats.  Most of us with older pets already know and can appreciate the unconditional love and affection pets share with you over the course of their lives – it’s irreplaceable… 

Across the country, people (and pets) will be celebrating the month of November as National Senior Pet Month.  I think it’s safe to say, when looking at pictures, or starting that search to rescue an animal that we all fall victim to the cuteness of puppies, kittens, and virtually any baby/younger version of a domesticated pet, but this month in particular is our chance to show some love and appreciation to our older four-legged friends.

Now when it comes to adopting, senior pets are just as capable of providing that warm hearted feeling as the little pups and kittens we have all grown accustomed to falling for – as a matter of fact, they may be a bit easier to handle.  Whether it’s a younger kitty or pup, BABIES TAKE TIME and unless you have hours of free-time, proper potty and obedience training can be pretty difficult and time consuming.  Not to mention, just as a younger pet’s body starts to mature and evolve, so do their activity levels and personalities – which may or may not coincide with your schedule/life-style.  These two issues usually aren’t a factor when bringing an older pet into your home.   Older pets are fully grown and there are no mysteries as to what he or she will grow into – it’s usually evident from your first interaction.  There isn't as much of a time commitment with older pets either.  Basic training and obedience, which can take months to attain with younger pets, may only take a matter of weeks or less with an older pet.

As before mentioned, puppies and kittens are popular choices when searching for a new pet.  With National Shelter Appreciation Week starting next week, we urge those who are looking to adopt, to be responsible in your choices for a companion.  There are many great rescue leagues and shelters, like Downtown Dog Rescue, LA Animal Services, Kitty Bungalow, Kitten Rescue, and SoCal Bulldog Resuce that can provide all the information you’d need to make the right choice – just ask questions!  Take a look at the time commitment necessary to care for the pet you desire – who knows, maybe that older dog or cat might be the perfect addition to your home and your schedule.