Sleepypod Atom | Style, Comfort, and Value

If you have ever shopped for the ultimate in pet carriers, you have likely come across Sleepypod and their full line of stylish, yet functional carriers.  Their award winning designs have been at the forefront of the pet carrier market for many years and they have succeeded due to their truly innovative designs.  While their standard Sleepypod, and Sleepypod Air have been wildly successful, they have just introduced another new carrier known as the Sleepypod Atom.

The Sleepypod Air is among the most recommended carriers for 'airline-approved' in-cabin travel. The slightly smaller, yet versatile Atom has much of the same style and design of the Air at a more affordable price. The Atom features dark mesh that ensures your pet gets plenty of ventilation while keeping them nice and cozy.  Two extra large pockets are on either end will hold all of your pets travel essentials while a pass through pocket allows you the convenience to secure the Atom to a telescoping or pullman handle on your briefcase or luggage.  Although the Atom is fully airline-approved, not every pet travels by air.  To ensure your pet is safe in the car, Sleepypod designed the Atom with an ingenious buckle system that secures the carrier (and your loved one) to any standard seat belt while riding in the car.

If your pet is a road warrior like you are (and is on the smaller side), than this is the perfect carrier for you.  Style, and function that is safe on the street, in the car, or in the air, all from a name synonymous with pet carriers... what more could the traveling pet ask for?