Healthy Pet Nutrition this Holiday Season…

With Thanksgiving only a week away, time with family, traveling and lots of food typically come to mind.  Every year as a kid, there was a contest to see which of my cousins could eat the most, and still have room for my aunt’s delicious sweet potato pie…  Stuffed to the brim, my cousins and I were at an age where our metabolism gave us the luxury of devouring plate after plate of scrumptious food,  then have the energy to go out and play, then eat some more. Thanksgiving being a food and family-focused holiday is a perfect time to reflect on your pet’s mealtime as well and how to keep them healthy.  The idea of eating too much or ‘reaching their limit’ may never cross our pet’s mind, so as pet guardians it’s important to choose their foods wisely, and set appropriate portion control. 

Pussy and Pooch works hard to educate and inform clients of the nutritional needs and benefits foods provide for your pet.  Whether it is grain-free food, a dry kibble, canned food, or some form of raw diet– knowing what you’re feeding your pet and how to effectively feed that food is essential to maintaining your pet’s overall health.  Be sure to…

  • Thoroughly read the nutritional labels of your pet’s food.  Understanding the ingredients is the first step. Checking the protein, fat, and carbohydrate percentages and recommended daily portion size is the next step to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Knowing the difference between your pet’s food content (the actual percentages of protein, fat, carbs, etc.) and the composition of their food (the percentage of what it’s made of) is very important –understanding the difference can then give a better range of how much to feed your pet – especially if it’s a new food. 
  • Remember, over-feeding a food with higher (than what your pet may be used to) fat, carb or protein levels can lead to bloating and/or (our favorite) – diarrhea. 
  • Consider the benefits of supplementing your current feeding routine with one of our fresh meals or alternative raw diets for an added boost. 
  • Adding variety (especially fresh, whole foods) is always encouraged for your pet’s diet – outside of the fact that eating the SAME food can be redundant/boring; having a repetitive diet can slowly develop allergies within your pet. 
    • For instance, introducing a can of pumpkin puree digestive supplement is helpful when switching up foods– this natural fiber supplement helps to minimize digestive tract imbalances when trying new foods and acts as a daily additive for digestive health and/or weight management. 

This holiday season, though you may be tempted to feed from the family table, why not order a perfectly balanced, pet-safe, and delicious nutritional meal for your furry friends to feast on from the Pawbar? Our holiday suggested menu features made-to-order meaty pet meals: Choose from individual portions of biologically appropriate raw turkey or duck with pumpkin puree, green beans, and cranberries; freeze-dried raw chicken and potatoes;  dehydrated raw turkey and vegetables; turkey, sweet potato, and cranberry freshfetch™ Real Meal for Dogs

We encourage you to try something new. Be sure to stop in at either location to speak to a Pet Expert about any additional nutritional questions. Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Enjoy Thanksgiving. Eat well!