A Better Companion, a Better Caregiver.

The New Year brings a renewed sense of purpose for all of us. As pet owners/guardians, our animals enrich our lives in so many great ways; the positive impact from our dedicated time and attention towards them strengthens our human-animal bond and results in both better companions and caregivers.


How can you commit to improving your relationship with your dog or cat in the coming year? 


The team at P&P is committed to the ability to positively enhance your relationship with your pets through outstanding products and services, and advocating for a modern pet lifestyle which includes healthy pet nutrition, socialization and more. Let us help you and your pet kick-off the new year with the “right paw forward” toward a happy & healthy 2012 with a handful of resolutions for your pets that can improve their overall wellness through diet, exercise, training, socialization, and playtime/enrichment:


  1. Nourish: Learn more about the quality of your pet's food and evaluate whether it's the best choice. Nurture them from the inside-out by selecting protein-rich foods, adding fresh food supplements, and regulating portion-size for optimum nutrition and weight-management.
  2. Explore: Get out and be adventurous on walks, runs, or hikes. An exercised dog is a better behaved dog. Indoor cat? Get moving vertically in a cat-enriched space to encourage climbing and jumping exercise resulting in behavior improvement.
  3. Discipline: Practice makes perfect. Work some training into your daily routine to mentally challenge you dog or cat.  Use mealtime to reward work toward desired learned behaviors. Hire a professional trainer/behaviorist to learn a new training routine or overcome challenges.
  4. Mingle: Sniff-out some new friends and learn appropriate social skills by interacting with other four-legged buddies in a safe setting. We offer monthly P&P Mutt Mingles/Meow Mingles - if you haven't ever been, make it happen this year and see what the fun is all about.
  5. Frolic: Have fun and play no less than 15 min/day with your dog or cat. Choose interactive toys and games that encourage hunting/thinking play for enriched mental activity to alleviate boredom and reduce stress. Playing with your animal goes a long way toward strengthening your bond and benefiting their overall wellness.


Your reward for sticking to your pet resolutions? Even MORE unconditional love! It's a win-win situation. Now, what are you waiting for? Let's get it started!


Happy New Year + Blessings from all of us at P&P