National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Do you dress your pet?  Do you have a separate drawer for their clothes and belongings?  Do you have matching outfits for major holidays?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then your special day is right around the corner!  January 14


 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day!  Possibly our little loved one's LEAST favorite day of the year, but an extra special reason for us as pet owners to get them decked out in their best threads and let them strut their stuff! 

Approximately 39% of U.S. households participate in National Dress Up Your Pet Day (according to the Craft & Hobby Association), so there are still quite a few cats and dogs missing out on 'entertaining' us.  But, for those of us who fall in that 39


 percentile, there are still a couple days to prepare and put together the perfect outfit for your pet...but what to wear?!?!?

The goal is to find what's best for them, while still fun and entertaining for others to enjoy. To find that

happy medium, keep a couple things in mind:

1.  Your Pet's Character

Who is your pet?  Nobody knows them better than you, so find an outfit/theme that fits their personality, or their overall character.  You already do this when picking their collars/harnesses - now just apply that to an entire outfit!

2.  Your Pet's Coat

Keep in mind your respective climates and your pet's hair length.  If they are to wear this outfit for an extended period of time, they need to be comfortable; otherwise their tolerance level may drop quickly! 

3. First time dressing you pet?

If this is your first time dressing your pet, this can be an incredible bonding experience, don't fret, have fun! For those who are professional stylists for our pets, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is your time to shine, don't hold back - let's see your pet's best outfit! 

For additional ideas, be sure to stop by either of our locations, and speak with a Pet 'Styling' Expert! We're all looking forward to what amazing outfits you'll have for your pets on Saturday!