My Furry Valentine

Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is in the air! No matter if you are single or committed, the most important creature in your life is undoubtedly your four-legged friend. In good times and bad, there's nothing like their unconditional love. Beyond kisses and cuddles, how will you show - or share your love with your pets this Valentine's Day? Here's a few of our favorite ways to celebrate V-Day:

Declare your devotion $ -- Commit to regular activity, get up and get moving with your dog. Actions speak louder than words; think weekly hikes, monthly trips to the beach, or sign-up for agility classes. Learning new tricks and making 20 to 30 minute play sessions a daily routine goes a long way toward creating a strong human-animal bond. Harness your adventure-loving kitty and get out for a walk!

Savor sweet traditions $$ -- Treat them to something delicious and out of the ordinary;bag your everyday treat routine and go for something that says 'I am special' like carob and yogurt iced cookies, cakes, or pies;  or try  all- natural frozen yogurt for a dessert with digestive health benefits. If you love to bake, whip up a batch of home-made treats. Raw bones are a savory meaty treat for dogs (and cats) that are awesome for their dental health and more. Share a healthy, fresh prepared meal with meat and veggies.

Pamper and splurge $$$ -- Bathing your animal is a terrific  way to bond either at-home or at a self-service pet wash. Add a deep conditioner, shine treatment, aromatherapy, or extra special scent to take your bathing from routine to relaxation. Get them groomed by professionals for the complete spa pampering. Reward with bouncy new toys or stylish new collar and leash. Check out our spa & brunch weekend deal. Get to the heart of what matters most on Valentine’s Day and share the love with your furbies.  Pets like humans, love presents all year long.

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