Mid-Way Reflection in the Mirror

Have you noticed it's been a little hairier than usual at P&P?

Earlier this month our P&P Staff launched into Team Pooch Stache to show support for Movember and mens' health awareness month.

In case you missed it, read the details of the 'shave day' here.

 We have five of our guys between both stores in different stages of mustache growth and self-discovery. Now moving beyond the sprouting stage into something shapeable, here's some mid-way reflections for our Team Leader James...

"We are almost 3 weeks into this Movember kick and it's been an interesting journey. We started this for fun, to be more socially responsible, as well as it never hurts to have a good reason to have a mustache. The ending goal you ask? To raise some bucks and smile. The result so far has been far different.... I've actually learned a lot about myself and about others. It's actually been a roller coaster ride that truly worthy of it's own month.... MOVEMBER

I learned that my Uncle battled prostate cancer and won. He's a man that I regard very highly and am ashamed to say that an excuse of living a few states away from each other isn't a good enough excuse to not know he battled with this. His brother currently has prostate cancer and had surgery on it THIS WEEK!

I learned that my Dad's father in-law battled with prostate cancer. He has only been in my life for a short amount of time but is a kind man who now, at 84 years old does multiple community event supporting this cause. Cancer didn't slow him down and neither does his age.

I've revisited myself as a dad.... I truly had to come to terms with some of the actions I need to make sure I take to better myself and my children's lives.... I think I finally understand how my parents look at me and understand the hopes they have.

I learned that people are fickle and not into whats truly in the world. Something like this that effects 1-6 men was easily blown off by hundreds. I was shocked at how many people were able to laugh this off as just a silly mustache joke..... but then again, before I started this I would have too.

Lastly I learned that my lip grows so slow!!! I had to shave my face 6 times in the amount of time it took to actually see my mustache! 19 days to show off a decent stache??? That's like eternity in facial hair grow time... 

We have 10 days left. We have raised over $550. That's actually pretty awesome for a few young guys.... I'm still hoping we can get that number to $1,000 but I think time is running out. 

Next year I'm going to do a different challenge. I think I know how to get more men involved since the stache is a hard sell.. Novembeard.... same thing, just full face.

Anyone with me?"

     -- James, Team Leader

Take a moment if you will, and see the full Team Pooch Stache here, and show them some love!

Want to be involved?

 We welcome you, your family, and friends to join our Team too, make a donation, or kick-start a conversation about mens' health with someone you love.

Be well!

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