Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Hairiest of Them All?

 Our inaugural Team Pooch Stache raised a whopping $800+ and did quite a bit of reflection during this last month. Not too shabby for our 1st run without razors. Admittedly, it was pretty cool to travel to Toronto last week and to see the huge impact Movember has among our Canadian neighbors to the north as well. Here's a final few thoughts from one of our Mo Team Members:

"It wasn't easy at first to part with what I considered to be an amazing beard coming into Movember, but I said 'bye' to facial hair and went clean shaven for the first time in about 8 years. I thought about my motivation to partake in a cause driven by manly men growing manly mustaches and the first thing that came to mind was my daughters. I want nothing more in life than to be an amazing farther for my girls and to do so, I have to be healthy. Men's health is a topic that I feel is often over looked and admittedly I have over looked it Myself. So as I said earlier, I thought of my daughters first when I started my Mo-growing, but I also started to think about other men that have the joy to call themselves fathers, or that are going to be proud fathers at some point in their life. This MOvement is something that I hope will help ensure that other kids will grow up with healthy fathers. Losing a parent pre-maturely is a tragedy, and if being apart of Movember is something I can do to help keep men healthy for the long haul, than I am happy to look like a creep for a month or two. I am proud to have been involved with like minded people, not just on my Movember team, but to be among the millions of MoBro's out there raising Millions of dollars in vital funds to improve the quality of life for men and our families."

  -- Jason, Team Pooch-Stache Member

Thanks to everyone that has been following our Team and lending your support so far! As Movember comes to a close remember it's never too late to make a donation in your man's name (brother, father, husband, boyfriend, papa), uncle) if you've been inspired---you can still help us reach our goal of $1000 with a last minute call to action to close-the-gap.Click here to learn more, or bookmark our Team to get involved next year!

Be Well!

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