Be GREEN - Happy Earth Day!

Have you heard that GREEN is the new BLACK? Indeed, our fav colors no doubt, but more importantly, the messaging that ‘going green’ is really about our daily lifestyle choices to lessen our carbon imprint on the earth, our city, our beach, our neighborhood…the very space we occupy with our pets. Earth Day may be celebrated on April 22, but we like to celebrate earthiness all-month long! Not only do we dig out our favorite ‘Go Green’ recycled store display each spring to inspire our neighborhood’s consciousness toward reducing carbon paw prints, but we value featuring solid pet brands with a commitment toward good.

It has never been easier to choose wisely and to respect the environment with the myriad of eco-friendly, sustainable, or organic options now available in pet products.

Since we launched Pussy & Pooch in 2007, we have taken pride in celebrating our product manufacturers that design their products to have the least impact on the environment, provide quality at a fair value, are made domestically wherever can be, and whose company’s purpose blend social and environment consciousness with pet care. Our annual Bark (and Meow) for Green awareness campaign throughout the month of April is our way of featuring the best in eco-chic for your dogs and cats - what’s good for Mother Earth IS also good for your pets! We encourage you to check out all of our earth-friendly products, especially our favorites listed below, and feel confident knowing that choosing your pet products smartly does have a positive impact on our local environment, the planet, and your own four-legged friend. All these products are available in both of our store locations, and some are available through our online store.

Our Top 10 Earthy Favorites:

  1. Planet Dog
  2. West Paw
  3. Big Shrimpy
  4. Kittypod
  5. Cheerful Pet
  6. Honest Kitchen
  7. Small Batch
  8. Simply Fido
  9. Tipsy Nip
  10. Better Buddies

To further celebrate Earth Day, shop our One-Day Sale in-store on 4/22 and save 10% off select eco-friendly products from some of the best brands committed to reducing the impact of pets and people on the environment including Planet Dog, Big Shrimpy, West Paw, and more! And, if you’re a P&P Treat Rewards Member, you’ll save 15%!