Passion for Pet Nutrition | Pet Food Advisors

As the saying goes, 'what you don't know won't hurt you'... well not totally so when it comes to choices in pet food. Do you really know what goes into pet food and how it's actually made? You might be shocked to learn the truth.

We believe feeding your pets is feeding your family. As pet caregivers, we have to choose wisely for those we love because our domesticated friends don't have that choice. What they intake has a direct effect on their behavior, coat, energy level and much more. So, if you think feeding your pets should be as easy as scooping dry kibble from a bag and pouring it into a bowl, you may want to think again—and, think outside the bag.

At Pussy & Pooch, we are passionate about healthy pet nutrition year-round, and work with customers about the types of food best for their pets, and the difference in the quality of pet food ingredients, learning the variety of ways you can ‘go natural’ and more. Our 5th annual ‘What’s in Their Bowl’ promotional campaign taking place now through June 6 makes it easy to get the facts and helps to raise further awareness of natural pet nutrition and wellness with LOADS of great in-store informational and experience-oriented events, free samples, special promo deals, yummy tastings, and a FUN Photo Contest to Win Free Pet Food for Year!

All natural, organic, holistic—what does it all mean anyway? Does the quality of meats and vegetables in food really make a difference in your pets’ health? Absolutely! During our ‘What’s in their Bowl’ campaign, stop in-store for many different types of pet health and wellness opportunities to:

  • Learn something new, including free pet food nutrition classes, all designed to help you discover the best possible ways to feed your pets
  • Gain insights from our own personal experience dealing with chronic illnesses in our own pets like cancer, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, allergies, and more – and the important role nutrition plays in creating, avoiding, or managing these illnesses
  • Revisit your early teachings in which conventional ‘Western’ medicine is defined as the treatment of disease, contrasted by “Eastern’ medicine that is measured by the absence of disease, and learn how to incorporate these best practices for your pets health and wellness
  • Understand how using natural food and supplements, whether as a preventative, or as therapy, is the foundation of health and the most important aspect of wellness for both you and your pet

Once you learn more about what truth lies inside that bag, it’s very likely you will have a much different perspective on commercial pet food. Check out our special events calendar for more information.

We encourage you to change up your feeding routine for the health, happiness, and longevity of your companion animals. Our pet experts are here to help you anytime, and we look forward to seeing you in-store at Pussy & Pooch to learn more about ‘What’s in their Bowl’.

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