Hot Weather & Fireworks... July 4th Pet Safety

Sweltering summer temps and loud noises around the Fourth of July are a scary proposition for our fur friends. As you prepare to beat the heat and celebrate the Fourth of July, remember it’s important to prepare for your pets too.


Hot temps are tough on our fur family members, when outside temps rise, so does their body temp. To help keep them as cool as possible:

  • Keep them hydrated, indoors and outdoors, with large bowls of water. (Fun Tip: Freeze a favorite toy in a block of ice/chicken stock for an interactive popsicle.)
  • Make sure there is ample shade, ground cover or blankets for them to protect their body from ground heat and possible burn/rash from concrete.
  • Avoid accidental falls if near a pool. Make sure your dog knows how to get in and out of the water safely.
  • Bring them indoors. Do not leave animals unattended outdoors during extreme summer heat. 


Whether you are on the road with your pets, or leaving your pets safely at home this 4th of July holiday, remember loud noises scare even the bravest of our animals and can send them bolting from fear. To help keep them safe:

  • Never use fireworks or firecrackers around pets.
  • Keep your pets securely indoors when fireworks are being set off, if your pet is normally outside, consider a spot in the garage, or a crate in the home.
  • Make sure your pets ID is up-to-date AND clearly visible on their collar (Safety Tip: Is your pet's license, tag, or microchip current and registered to YOU?). If your pet accidentally gets out, have a recovery plan and remember to check your local animal shelters frequently.
  • Keep human party food and beverages away from pets and stick to their normal diet/routine, even though the holiday treats may be tempting.


More informative tips are available from our friends at the ASPCA, and PetFinder.


Wishing you & your fur family a wonderful summer & a very Happy Fourth of July!

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