Love your Pets and your Mother Earth—Bark & Meow for GREEN!


Have you noticed that GREEN is the new BLACK? Helping to protect Mother Earth is something we all inspire to incorporate more of in our daily lives – but, what considerations do we make to reduce our pets’ carbon pawprint?

As we gear-up for Earth Day (April 22th) we are reminded that our lifestyle choices to lessen our imprint on the earth, our city, our beach, our neighborhood…the very space we occupy with our have a cumulative effect on the planet AND our very own four-legged friends.

It has never been easier to choose wisely and to respect the environment with the myriad of eco-friendly, sustainable, or natural options now available in pet products. From eco-chic toys, bedding and scratchers, to apparel, accessories, and naturally, earth-friendly litters and pet waste cleanup, as well as healthy foods, treats, and supplements that are organic, or otherwise naturally raised and prepared locally or with sustainable practices - what’s good for Mother Earth is also good for your pets!

The Big Scoop

One of the biggest environmental challenges that our communities face with pet care is mounting piles of pet waste. Nothing stirs more debate between pet owners and non-pet owners on responsible pet ownership then the issue of careless pet owners that fail to pick up and properly dispose of pet waste. The real truth of the matter is that dog waste doesn't just "wash away" or disappear. Not scooping the poop puts yourself, your dog, your neighbors, and our water supply at risk.

There are over 83.3 million dogs in the U.S. and counting (source: American Pet Products Association (APPA). Now, consider the average dog generates about a half-pound poop/day—you do the math! This amount of waste can seriously damage our ecosystem if not properly disposed of, contaminating our water supply with harmful bacteria, and potentially contaminating humans and dogs alike, spreading harmful parasites and other pathogens. You should know: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil. Un-scooped matter increases the presence of flies, rodents, and other pests transmitting even more disease. With so many valid reasons to pick it up, it’s a wonder that not all pet owners are responsible.

Love Your City.

Dog parks, green spaces, beaches, trails, dog runs, including your own backyard are premium amenities for our canine companions. Let’s keep them clean and our environment healthy. Do your part and scoop –or flush the poop. Make your self a dog-walking kit with clean-up essentials and keep it handy for when nature calls. 

Commit to good for Fido and Fluffy this month and Bark & Meow for Green! Here’s 5 GREEN Do’s to remember: 

  1. Do | Pick-up your dog waste
  2. Do | Use natural cat litter
  3. Do | Buy USA-made pet products
  4. Do | Use chemical-, sulphate-, and paraban-free grooming products
  5. Do | Feed organic, natural pet foods/treats

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