Summer is Coming— Defeating Pesky Pests

Warmer weather marks more than just the beginning of summer's when combatting fleas, ticks, and pesky mosquitoes is in full-effect for most pet guardians. Sunny So-Cal weather and the sometimes difficulty in effective parasite control typically make pest prevention a year-round battle for most of us, especially with regard to increasingly resistant “super” fleas. The pursuit of great outdoor pleasures, travel, and frolicking fun times with our pets demands that we are prepared for the best and worst scenarios unwarranted critters can bring. To get ready, the three most important aspects to consider are your pet, your environment, and your lifestyle; determine what prevention and/or treatment measures are the best/safest for your individual situation and to ensure hassle-free fun in the sun.

Your pet – Flea-allergic dermatitis is one of the most common skin conditions effecting pets. For an allergic animal, often just one fleabite can cause an uncomfortable flare-up of itching and hair loss that can be difficult to treat – Comb/check your animal regularly with a flea comb, and bathe often to prevent pests or detect them early. Chemical preventatives and year-round treatments may not best for older, sick pets, or those highly sensitive – Seek natural alternatives to repel pests or treat them without toxins. Fleas and other parasites target less healthy hosts, as well as puppies and kittens with weaker immune systems – Feed your animals a healthy diet to build immunity and for a strong foundation.

Your environment – Fleas can live very comfortably in our homes, yards, and in the outdoors during our mild year-round weather. If your animals have ever had an instance of fleas – even just a few- it’s important to take preventative measures to avoid an on-going problem and eradicate all possible life-stages of fleas. Indoors – Vacuum or wash floors and furniture often, and wash bedding routinely in hot water. Outdoors – Create a barrier in your yard and treat your outdoor spaces, using a non-toxic, natural compound diatomaceous (dye-atom-ay-shus) earth or with cedar sprays and repellants.

Your lifestyle – More than ever, our animal companions are as active as ever, joining us on outdoor recreational or social outings, be it hiking, camping, and to parks, beaches, and beyond. Just as you wouldn’t forget your sunscreen, don’t forget their pest prevention. Consider too that traveling outside of southern California into areas with higher risk for other pests like ticks and mosquitoes increases their exposure for other diseases so it’s important to prepare them appropriately for the local environment. It’s equally necessary to take preventative action for your animals that socialize often with others in daycare or boarding situations where exposure to fleas from their friends may be higher.

Better for our pets and us, if possible, go chemical-free and choose pest prevention solutions that are biodegradable, non-hazardous, natural blends without poisons or artificial ingredients. The essential oils and herbal extracts (peppermint, neem, geranium, eucalyptus, cedar) repel the fleas and other pests, are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and safer when ingested while self-grooming.

Pussy & Pooch offers a variety of items to ensure the best results for pets and home. Let our Pet Experts help you select the right products to fit your needs and keep your pets pest-free. Also, be sure to schedule regular grooming appointments with our Bathhouse professionals to ensure a flea-free coat and leave the work to us!