Raising a Green Dog (and Kitty) in the City

Our pets live in an ever increasingly contaminated environment due to harmful toxins, both inside and out. Consider the effects of poor quality pet food, vaccines, pesticides, medications, household chemicals, and environmental pollutants… and be aware that our dogs and cats exposure to these things are happening daily and often with a much higher sensitivity. Reducing our carbon footprint – and their pawprint—on our environment is not just about what lifestyle choices can have the best impact on our PLANET, but also what choices can we make for ourselves and our pets that can lessen the effect of the environment on US. We can keep our animal companions safe and living a longer, happier, healthier life by making a commitment to choosing to live GREEN.

Better for the planet. Better for us. Better for our pets.

There are so many ways to live a healthier, greener life, for both you and your pets If you’re currently making choices to recycle, buy organic, and to choose products that free from harsh chemicals, are you making similar decisions when buying pet products for your home?

It has never been easier to choose wisely and to respect the environment with the myriad of eco-friendly, sustainable, or natural options now available in pet products. From eco-chic toys, bedding and scratchers, to apparel, accessories, and naturally, earth-friendly litters and pet waste cleanup, as well as healthy foods, treats, and supplements that are organic, or otherwise naturally raised and prepared locally or with sustainable practices - what’s good for Mother Earth is also good for our pets!


Choose non-toxic, organic cotton, hemp, natural rubber, recycled, up cycled, or recyclable toys certified safe.


Choose organic, all natural, human-grade pet foods and treats made with humanely raised grass-fed meats and free from by-products, preservatives, and GMO-fillers.


Choose pet bedding constructed with organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyfill for durability and easy care.


Choose chemical-free natural household cleaners for pet messes and stains, sulphate-, and paraban-free pet grooming products, and all-natural cat litters.

Nature Well | Eco-Chic Bedding and Toys

Two of the best materials to seek when greening our pets are organic cotton and organic hemp which can often be third-party certified safe, non-toxic, and most important, durable for wash and wear.  Our pets sleep, a lot… and often drag things around in their mouths, therefore it’s important to consider choosing products with the least harmful effects. Pet bedding and pet toys are the most obvious choice when considering an organic or hemp designed product. Our favorite in-store brands with a variety of organic cotton/hemp styles are West Paw and Simply Fido for their design, commitment to pet safety, and the environment.

Why We Love It

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and results in less soil and water contamination. Not just better for the environment, but better for our four-legged friends. Whether sleeping on or playing with, reduced toxicity and allergens make organic cotton a suitable (and the super soft!) choice for even the most sensitive of pups.

Super eco-friendly, organic hemp is a highly sustainable crop. Hemp naturally repels weeds (while growing like one), requiring no irrigation (can thrive in near drought like conditions), pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which helps reduce soil and water contamination. And, hemp grows twice as much fiber as cotton per acre! Hemp is one of nature’s toughest fibers, soft, yet durable for pet bedding, toys, and accessories. Naturally fights odors, bacteria, and microbes, it stays clean longer, and gets softer with every wash.  Pet goods made from hearty hemp don’t have to be replaced as often which also reduces their environmental impact.

Choose to live GREEN - Celebrate Earth Day (April 22th) by loving your pets and your Mother Earth!

Learn more ways to green your pet at Pussy & Pooch– Ask our Pet Experts for product recommendations from some of the best brands committed to reducing the impact of pets and people on the environment.We take pride in celebrating those that provide quality at a fair value, are made domestically wherever can be, and whose company’s purpose blend social and environment consciousness with pet care.

Live well!