Let Them Eat Meat | In-Store Pet Nutrition Class Schedule

Think outside the bag. Are you feeding your carnivores the best diet for their true biological needs? Learn more about how to choose the right diet for your pet, which ingredients to avoid, and how to maintain your pets' overall health and wellness with food therapy and supplements. RSVP for our Carnivore Basics in-store Pet Nutrition Class with Pussy & Pooch Founder and animal wellness advocate Janene Zakrajsek.

Among P&P's core beliefs is that nutrition is the foundation for good health. In her Class, Janene will share her knowledge from years of independent study and personal experience working with animals and their humans to balance lifestyle and dietary needs. Janene personally helps you navigate the pet food aisles to gain a better understanding about how diet is related to common chronic health issues suffered by our dogs and cats and offers resources and guidance to keep your pets healthy and happy.

RSVP to attend. Click the link on the Class day/time/location that fits your schedule. Choose ONE. Each Class is approximately 90 minutes. Class handouts, resources, and holistic referrals will be included. (*schedule subject to change without notice)

Belmont Shore
Thu Sep 8 – 630pm-8pm

Beverly Hills
Sun Sep 11 – 11am-1230pm

Sat Sep 17 – 2pm-330pm

Long Beach - Downtown
Sat Sep 10 – 2pm-330pm

Los Angeles - Downtown
Tue Sep 13 – 7pm-830pm

Sun Sep 18 – 1030am-12pm

Carnivore Basics Pet Nutrition: Class Summary

1) An Overview Pet Food— What the Big Brand Commercial Pet Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

·       Learn how to read a pet food label.

·       Understand how to recognize 'good vs bad' basic ingredients in pet food.

·       Discover the important nutrients required by dogs/cats and how they affect the body.

2) Kibble or Can, Raw or Home-Cooked— How to Choose the Best Diet for your Dog/Cat

·       Learn the Big 3 'Myths' about feeding cats and dogs.

·       Understand the different types of pet food and how to feed them in rotation for variety and optimal health.

·       Discover what type of diet addresses your dogs/cats individual needs.

3) Health Supplements A-Z

·       Learn the basics of vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, and EFAs

·       Understand how the usage of balanced nutritional supplements can create optimal health.

·       Discover what type of supplement can best impact immunity, skin/coat, digestion, joint mobility, or bladder health.

4) Q + A Session

Individual questions will be addressed


NOTE: Our Nutrition and Wellness class and any information offered or shared within by Pussy & Pooch is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Our content offers our clients information gathered by our staff, our certified animal care nutritionist, and/or holistic veterinarians concerning animal health issues and products that we believe may be helpful